Baseball Tickets

You can’t heckle if you aren’t in the stadium, and for that you need baseball tickets. The best seats are behind the dugout, preferably with a sideways view onto the bench. Those seats are rare, so be content with the first 15 or so rows from the field. You may have to put up with the season ticket holders dirty looks, but if you keep the heckles clean even people not used to the cheap seats will appreciate your efforts. Remember to hold on to your ticket stub just in case security wonder how you got the great seats.

Submitted Stories: My buddy got great tickets to a White Sox game in 1998, when they were really bad and had no fans going to the game. Since we were three rows behind the visitor’s dugout, anything we said was heard. Struggling Toronto outfielder Jose Cruz, Jr. was having trouble catching anything relatively close to him, with an error and two misplayed balls in one inning. As he came to the dugout after the third merciful out, my friend, his father, and myself lead the fans in our section in a standing ovation for Jose. He acknowledged our sarcasm, tipped his cap, and proceeded to the dugout.” My very quiet and conservative sister got us tickets right behind home plate at Coors Field. Larry Walker came up to bat and I yell “Hey Walker yah big stud – hit it out”. He whiffed three straight high fastballs and turns to look back as he walks into the dugout. The next time he comes up to bat, I yell again in appreciation of his physique. Again, he strikes out. The scouts around us were roaring with laughter. The third time he bats, I keep quiet and he jacks it out of the park. As he came around home, he tipped his hat towards my seat. Now, one I can’t take credit for: Albert Belle had that especially bad season in Cleveland when he was being jeered for not hustling and for gaining weight. A heckler yelled “Hey Albert, you’re about one hotdog away from being Cecil Fielder.” Even Albert laughed.