Heckledepot.com a hilarious stop

Herald Staff Writer

Let's face it, baseball players aren't known for having a high tolerance for pain. Don't agree? Florida's Ricky Bones strained his neck last season watching television in the clubhouse and had to be scratched from his next start.

Factor in the ridiculous money these guys make and you've got yourself excellent targets for heckling.

We here at Nothing But 'Net don't condone what some Chicago Cubs fans did last summer when they nearly incited a Wrigley Field riot with members of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Nor do we endorse tossing objects onto the field.

However, there's nothing wrong with some good-natured verbal abuse, like calling Devil Rays third baseman Vinny Castilla "Vinny Cash Stealer" for making $7 million a season with a batting average hovering around .200.

This week we pay a visit to http://www.heckledepot.com/, a site dedicated to the heckling of baseball players.

Highlights - Go to the "Top Players" section for a list of the 10 best players to heckle. We won't tell you who's No. 1, but he's a native Floridian.

Also, the "Heckling Hall of Fame" section leads off with the 142Crew from Tropicana Field.

Click on the "Tips" section and you get detailed instructions on how to make your own airhorn.

The "True Stories" section is filled with great ballpark memories. And make sure you read some of the 831 different heckles.

Finally, we refer you to the top 10 heckles, which can be found on the home page. Our favorite, "You couldn't hit sand if you fell off a camel."

Annoyances - Not sure if it was our computer, but we bombed three times in the half-hour we spent on this site.

What we'd like to see - More heckling tips.

Design - The home page looks like a notebook. We also appreciate the headshots that accompany the "Patsy of the Day" and the "Top Players" sections.

The grade - We can't think of a Web site that has made us laugh harder. We give out four-and-a-half mouses for all the great stories.

John Black thinks the best hecklers reside in Fenway Park's beer-soaked bleachers. He can be reached at 745-7038 or jjblack@bradentonherald.com.