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08/02/00- Updated 12:13 PM ET


Our guide to hot sites: For Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2000.
New sites every weekday, with an expanded weekend edition.

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Symphonic Guide
Rich in sights, sounds and factoids, The Symphony is an interactive guide into the great composers' finest works. Brought to us by two tech-savvy Australian youngsters.
Prehistoric Web
Relive those prehistoric days of the Web (circa a few years ago) with a visit to Deja Vu - AKA, "the web (sic) as we remember it." A clickable timeline, along with some vintage Web browsers that emulate surfing those bygone times.
Heckle Depot
Tired of simply shouting: "Kill the Ump!" Drop by the Baseball Heckle Depot and get a little more creative with your razzing. At last count, 675 choice heckles to choose from.
Britney Zine
Britney Spears wannabes listen up: Is your relationship on the rocks? Are your parents "tickin' you off?" Ask Dr. Sonya about it. This new 'zine also promises something called "the inside scoop" on, like, stuff.
Weird Jail
In our popular seriously-in-need-of-therapy category: Maricopa Co., Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Jail Cam. And we're not talking about the inmates. ("Viewer discretion is advised.")

Of Net Interest
Our weekly closeup on the Web
This week: Are tech stock investors maniacs?


Sites are picked and reviewed by Technology Editor Sam Vincent Meddis. Sites are selected because they appear newsworthy; we do not endorse them, nor the products or services they contain.

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