The Giant Head cutout craze has been growing since 2002, when Conor Mongan brought the idea to fellow Aztec fans at San Diego State. His first "Giant Head" was featured Michael Jackson and it was so successful in distracting the first free throw shooter that he missed both shots. Other early heads included Gene Simmons, Siegfried & Roy, and The Hoff - David Hasselhoff.

Soon the heads were being waved everywhere, and by 2005 a picture was published in ESPN the Magazine where nine of the heads were visible in the crowd. After that, the craze really took off. The original creators of the idea have started their own website
These days the Giant Head has entered pop culture fandom alongside those other fan traditions of the rally towel, thunderstix, foam fingers, and plastic horns. Not only does it have the potential to distract the opposition, it's a sure way to get the attention of the broadcast crew and the TV cameras, especially if you make a head of the play by play announcer. Other creative ideas include finding an embarrassing photo of an opposing player on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and making big heads out of them.

So this Alabama fan below wasn't the first to think of using a really big head to distract the opposition, but he came up with a unique twist in using his own face.

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