There are those who think that heckling is an easy thing to do. You just yell random things at the nearest player or Ump. Well we now have proof courtesy of MLB Advanced Media that yelling at a ballgame may be easy to do but heckling is almost impossible to master.

Here's the situation... On June 20, 2014 Rob Riggle, Eric Stonestreet, Will Forte, Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis try and heckle umpire Scott Barry who is working first. The results are underwhelming proving that to get a laugh while heckling takes more than being known as a funny-man. Here's how it went down:

Eric Stonestreet: The first base ump, what's his name? Do we hate him?
Fox Announcer: That's Scott Barry, you could probably do that.
Various: Barry? Boo! Scott Barry, Boo! Scott Barry!
Rob Riggle: C'mon Barry.
Eric Stonestreet: Hey Scott! Yeah.
Paul Rudd: He waved at us.
Eric Stonestreet: We got him. He acknowledged us, we've got a friend for life. We're coming after you Barry!
Will Forte: He has got no idea that by acknowledging us, what Pandora's box he's opened.
Rob Riggle: What's he's uncorked, what he's done.
Will Forte: Oh we just got at him, we got to him.
Eric Stonestreet: I was just remembering that. Well we should still give him trouble.
Rob Riggle: C'mon Barry.
Unknown: Barry!
Rob Riggle: C'mon Barry that's bush league. That's bush league Barry!
Will Forte: He get's it. He knows we're into him now.
Eric Stonestreet: That's what Barry gets.
Rob Riggle: That's just the beginning, that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Eric Stonestreet: He doesn't know what a bunch of pun-masters we are.
Paul Rudd: Baseball has been very very good to me.

And that thankfully, besides for some muffled laughter, that is the end of the clip.


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