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Ballpark Fan Signs

Passionate fans bring their game faces—and their signs! Here’s a list of some standout messages seen at the stadium

Bad Heckles

This collection of ‘foul’ heckles is a real swing and a miss 

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“In Detroit, late 80’s…Tigers vs. Brewers. A hefty Dave Parker on 3rd makes a close play out of a well hit sac fly. He slides in, barely, and my friend Billy yells, ‘Hey Parker… next time take a bus !!’ Cracked up the entire section”


“I was at spring training in Fort Myers, Florida watching the Red Sox and the Cardinals. the Cardinals LF was JD Drew. Some guy in front of me yelled ‘Hey JD! you better back up, Lou’s been liftin!’ as Lou Merloni came to the plate. sure enough on the first pitch, Lou went deep and if Drew was playing deeper, he would’ve been able to scale the wall like he almost did.”


“After watching a college catcher go 0 for 4 at the plate, commit 3 passed balls and 2 throwing errors, we heard a guy yell: “You can’t catch, you can’t throw, and you can’t hit, YOU’RE A COMPLETE PLAYER!” Hilarious”.


“We’re at Spring Training in Arizona, hot afternoon, lots of sun, lots of suds to cool us down, some struggling young player trying to make a good impression comes up with guys in scoring position and gets called out on strikes for his third K of the game. Of course, at Spring Training, you’re real close to the field. My buddy hollers loudly as the guy trudges head down to the dugout: “Hey, Smith, do you know how to spell Double-A…..???” The crowd busts up big time.”