Fan Signs Seen at The Ballpark

IRS better not be coming for me, I caught a foul ball from Jeter and sold it

Carpenter Has All The Tools

I’ve got a Fever & The Only Prescription is More CowGill.

The Only Thing Worse Than The Economy Is The Cubs

Too Manny Roids!

Honey – Call Me When Your Water Breaks. GO ANGELS!!

I sold steroids to Roger

Gone With The Win (Yankees/Braves gm 6 96 World Series. Yankees up 3 games to 2. Sign in Yankee Stadium reads. )

There’s no “A” in sellout! (In reference to Jason Giambi’s return to Oakland in 2002)

J.T. Snow: The fallen Angel (seen at Game 2 2002WS in Anaheim)

Smoke-It Salmon (seen at Game 2 2002WS in Anaheim)

Yankees-Fall Classics Red Sox-Fall Guys (@ Yankee Stadium Sept 4 vs. Red Sox)

There’s No ‘A’ In Division Winner (In reference to the Oakland Athletics’ “There’s No ‘A’ in Ego, Loser” etc, ad campaign:)

What’s a Lemke? (1991 WS in reference to the Braves infielder)

Sammy Sosa’s On Steroids Again

Selig ain’t my Bud

Just Another Sellout Overpaid New York Yankee (Seen @ Game 2 of the Jason’s return to Oakland)

Osama fears Zito (Seen @ ALDS game 3 at Oakland 2001)

The Pinstripes Aren’t That Slimming (Seen @ the Coliseum during Jasons return in April 2002)

Giambad (Seen @ the Coliseum during Jasons return in April 2002)

Our Giambi is better (Seen @ the Coliseum during Jasons return in April 2002)

Veni Vidi Ichi: I Came, I Saw, I Hit (Seen at Safeco Field)

A-Rod, Griffey: Ichiro Hearts Out (Seen at Safeco Field)

Timo Perez: Official Hot Dog of the New York Mets

Have another donut Roger (Directed at Clemens when he was pitching for the Yankees at Fenway Park)

I’ll buy a foul ball for $10

Texas, Detroit, Cleveland….. Next Stop Puerto Rico! (Shown at Welcome back Juan night Comerica park 4/12/2001)

Nim-Rod (@Safeco Field for the return of Rodriguez)

Need a loan, Call 1-800-252-Alex (@Safeco Field for the return of Rodriguez)

Who Let the Dog In? (@Safeco Field for the return of Rodriguez referring to “Who Let The Dogs Out,” Rodriguez’s theme song from last season)

A-Fraud (@Safeco Field for the return of Rodriguez)

Rod-greed-guez (@Safeco Field for the return of Rodriguez)

K-Rod (@Safeco Field for the return of Rodriguez)

Hey Alex–money can’t buy you love! (displayed at the 2000 ALDS @ Seattle)

Roger’s gone batty!

Hey Mets, You Don’t Have Bill Buckner To Bail You Out This Time ! (Seen at Yankee Stadium, game 1 , 2000 World Series)

Jose, can you play?

Hey Junior, Enjoying Your Vacation?(@ Safeco field during the 2000 ALDS)

Piazza doesn’t deliver!

Fat Guys Look Better In Pinstripes (@ Yankee Stadium, 9/14/00 vs Blue Jays’ David Wells)

What am I doing here?

Pinella:Looo – Hendersen:Booo

If you re-build it, they will come

Thank You Bud Selig For My $100 Nosebleed Seat (Seen in last row of Yankee Stadium upper deck during 1998 World Series)

Long hair freaky people need not apply. (Directed at Randy Johnson in Cleveland while playing for Seattle in the 1995 playoffs.)

Will Umpire for Beer

Strike Out Sammy Again

Completely Useless By September

The Curse of the Bambino is Y2K Compliant (@ Yankee Stadium 1999 ALCS against Red Sox)

Irabu is Terribu! (Seen in Milwaukee for Irabu’s debut)

Hey Hrbek, buy a vowel!

Canseco – Body By Nautilus, Brain By Mattel

72 wins? That’s easy!!! Go Cubs! (After the Chicago Bulls won 72 games in their championship season)

Cubs: So good we need a curse to keep us down

Thanks for the memories Roger, Especially this one (During Game 3 of the 1999 ALCS)

Gree D. Drew (At JD Drews first game at the Vet)

JD Who? (At JD Drews first game at the Vet)

Baseball is fake

Where’s Waldo?

My arms are getting tired

Put me on camera

I’m taping this

Pointless Sign

I’m blocking someones view

I think the guy next to me farted

I paid $29.95 for this seat!

It’s now or never! (Held by man in Elvis costume as teams wild card hopes vanished)

141-21, Go O’s! (1988, the 0-21 Orioles win their first game)

Stop reading my sign

The curse gets worse (Bostons failure to defeat NYY in 1999 ALCS)

Hey look! we are making complete idiots of ourselves

I’m David Wells. Oh wait, he’s right there, never mind

Nobody told me there’d be Daves like this (Seen when Winfield and Parker batted back to back)

I am only here cos i got free tickets

I came, I watched, I had a $5 hotdog

If it wasn’t for baseball, I’d be still be married

What is this? I bought baseball tickets!

$30 for cheap seats?

yard sale- (then an address)

When They Handed Me The Tickets, They Said I’d Be Seeing N’Sync..?

Ripken is to baseball what Urkle is to TGIF

My cats breath smells like cat food

Keep the camera pointed on me! You’re not missing anything on the field

I didnt know what to write


This Space for Rent

Mamas don’t let your sons grow up to be umpires.


I hope my car is still outside

Applaud if you like my sign

I need a Job

3-0 Means We Outplayed You. (’07 NLCS Coors Field)

All employees must wash hands before leaving dugout (Seen in St. Louis during ’06 WS in reference to K. Rogers pine tar scandal)

What’s the attendance at Wrigley Field today? (Seen in Sox Park during ’05 ALDS)

Our Sox are going to kick your Astros (Seen in Houston during ’05 WS)

These Sox Stink! (Seen in Houston during ’05 WS)

WASH UP THE DIRTY SOX (Seen in Houston during ’05 WS)

Knock their SOX off! (Seen in Houston during ’05 WS)

Houston – You Have a Problem (’05 WS with CWS up 3-0)

Chicago White Sox – Fixing games since 1919

Junk Bonds (on Barrys return from his injuries in 9/05)

* (simply an asterisk held up the night Barry returned from his injuries in 9/05)