Congrats to youtube user Random Jerry for posting a fantastic video, check it out here. A transcript of all Random Jerry's lines are below.

  • Sweet haircut Seddon! rating
  • Your going to be back in Triple-A next week! 1 star
  • Welcome to the Big Leagues! 2 stars
  • Going for the sweep! (Francisco Morales replies with profanity)
  • Ah, you mad bro? Welcome to Detroit!
  • No reason for profanity... Security kick him out!
  • Looks like Missy Franklin!
  • Getting in that bullpen early tonight Dad?
  • Let's go Ti-gers! Sweep the In-juns!
  • The Indian on your jersey is smiling but I bet you guys won't be!
  • Better bring more than a 1.64 WHIP!
  • Miquel Cabrera eats Asdrubals for breakfast! (Got a reaction)
  • I wonder is Seddon will get more run support than Seddon did yesterday! It only took 6 innings to get a hit!
  • Better start warming up that bullpen!
  • We're going for the sweep!
  • It's like we're dancing with the Triple A baseball stars!
  • Have fun growing corn on the farm team, you'll be back there next week!
  • You're really cute when you're angry bro!


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