Baseball Chirps

Let’s go Home Plate!

Throw Strikes

Try and meet the ball

Give him a shave!

He has the paint brush out today!

Throw him the deuce!

Make him be a hitter!

Take him over the wall!

Wave that wand!

That was right down the middle!

Looks like you’re going to be wearing the collar!

Pull the trigger!

You’ve got the Green Light

Take a shot at left! Good Eye!

Walks as good as a hit

Step out on him!


Toss that onion in there!

Fan’m out!

Keep him honest!

Spin his cap!

How about a little chatter!

Be ready boys!

Grrrrrrrrab some bench!

Limber that Timber!

Stroke that Oak!

Hammer dat Horsehide!

Pound da pellet!

Easy Out!

No hitter up there!

Take two and hit to right!