Here are two different clips of Matt Diaz getting razzed. The video is a surprising amount of fun considering the entire heckling episode consists of one simple concept. The heckler even gets a reaction out of Matt Diaz who proves to be a great sport. This is a classic heckle used to great effect by university students across the country.

  • (In step with how Matt Diaz is shifting his weight as he stands) Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left..
  • (In step with how Diaz is now walking as play develops in infield) Leeeeeft, Riiiiiiight, Leeeeeeeft, Riiiiiiight…

Diaz responds by hopping on one leg, confusing the heckler.

The next clip finds Diaz in a new uniform and a new heckler, this time a New Yorker with a great heckling voice. What makes this clip entertaining is the constant use of “Hey Diaz” to start the heckling. For some reason, it gets funnier and funnier.

  • Hey Die-Az!
  • Hey!.. I know you hear me!
  • Nobody likes you!
  • Hey Diaz! Go back to little league and learn how to hit! You Bum!
  • Hey Diaz! Your shoes are untied!
  • Hey Diaz! Check your laces you bum!
  • Hey Diaz! You’ve got two different color laces on Diaz! (Gets a reaction as Matt picks up his uniform to show the socks)
  • Not too quick are you Diaz!
  • (After crowd claps) That’s not for you Diaz!
  • Hey Diaz, What’s the UV protection on your sunglasses? I know you stared into the sun as a kid!
  • Hey Diaz, you’re overpaid, you’re friends don’t even like you!
  • Hey Diaz, welcome to New York! Go back to Atlanta – You bum!