Random Jerry strikes again. Another classic outing by the heckler is below, but first some of his lines…

  • Hey (Dayan) Viciedo, I’ve got two aunts named Diane and they both hit better than you!
  • C’mon, put him in coach… He’s got Sorry in his name! (Referring to Ronald Belisario)
  • Can you throw a fastball or do you top out at 88?
  • Sweet Flowhawk! You can go back to Ferndale with that haircut!
  • Change your socks, they’re the wrong color ya bum! Can you not read?
  • I’ve seen better arms on a box of baking soda! Strong!
  • It’s all right, you’ll get your velocity back… Someday!
  • That looks like a Double A arm to me Dad! … By Double A, I mean Alcoholics Anonymous!

Watch it here…