Another fine outing by Random Jerry, we’ve rated his performance.

  • Your name is just like Mc-Allstar but your game is far from it
  • How can Detroit be bankrupt if when own the Cleveland Indians?
  • (inaudible) is going to take you deeper than a Chilean miner!
  • Did you ever think maybe you’re lefthanded?
  • You might want to get that bullpen fired up!
  • I’ve seen better swings on a Detroit playground!
  • He’s matching his socks to his ERA, high!
  • We’re going to take you deeper than a Malaysian airplane! Too Soon?

And moving on to the LA Angels…

  • I saw Hansen on the probables, I thought that meant Jered Weaver was pitching!
  • How come you didn’t play (Hank) Conger, he bats 50 points
  • (Chris) Iannetta you only got 5 hits in your last 10 games – Justin Bieber has more hits than you!
  • Justin Bieber is also a fan of (Albert) Pujols…